Papa Doug bio and press kit

Blues is a good person feelin' bad, jazz when they feel worse, rock when they can't remember why they were feelin' bad to begin with.” - Papa Doug

Papa Doug bio and press kit

Papa Doug

Eureka fuddbone blues

Papa Doug plays and writes in many styles. Living in Eureka Springs AR with the diversity of musical styles all coming together into it's own style, Papa Doug embraces diversity instead of trying to be strictly this or that. Based in blues but incorporating bluegrass, rock, jazz, country, and rockabilly as well a just a hint of classical.  He calls the mixture "Eureka Fuddbone Blues" - somewhere between T-Bone Walker and Elmer Fudd.

His original music ranges from the lightest humor to darkest blue.  Although Papa Doug did go to music school at  top schools, as a singer and piano player he is largely self taught. Originally a classical cellist, he switched to guitar and bass as a teen and learned some piano, mostly as a requirement for music composition, which was his major. He grew up with a grand piano and had learned to improvise as a small boy when he discovered his mother didn't read music well enough to tell when he was faking practicing his piano lessons and making up his own classical sounding improvisations. His teacher soon gave up and piano lessons were not revisited until college.

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